[ENDED] Student Learning Giveaway (Aug 2018)

I want to give out the basic monthly subscription ($25/mo.) of Treehouse for 3 months.

Treehouse has 300+ high quality courses on coding and technology and is being used by 200,000+ students around the world. It helps students learn new skills with tracks for Front End Engineering, iOS, Android and a library of 300+ courses.

Who is it for

You can apply if you are:

  • A student in Pakistan
  • Between 16 and 22 years of age.
  • Can write code and have an aptitude for programming

How to apply

Send the following to zakishaheen [at] me [dot] com by 15th Aug 2018.

  • A resumĂ©
  • A cover letter explaining all of the following (500 word or less):
    • your achievements in programming
    • Why do you think you should get this giveaway
    • What do you plan to learn in next 3-6 months from treehouse, and why (you can signup and see all the tracks for free and even start a 7 day trial)
  • Sample code from Github/Bitbucket (assignments, projects, toy applications, whatever you have coded so far).

What do you get

  • You will get a $25/mo Basic subscription of Treehouse for a trial of 3 months
  • If you show progress, the offer can be extended for another 3 months OR upgraded to $50/month pro subscription
  • Email/Chat guidance/mentorship
  • Occasional access to various resources as needed

Why am I doing it

I want to provide access to cutting edge technology knowledge base to students in order to unlock their true potential there by increasing my impact in society by a tiny margin.

Why Treehouse

Because I had to start somewhere. I am in no way affiliated with Treehouse or any other product.

Why not just give it randomly

Because I don’t want to waste our time and money.


  1. “your achievements in programming” If people had them they wouldn’t need treehouse subscription, especially given the ridiculous age limits you have posed. Other requirements are also terrible like cv and cover letter. lol, its not a job. its a giveaway. It but it should be open for all.


    • Thank you for your feedback. Looks like you are passionate about helping others. I have never run a Giveaway before. Would love to follow your footsteps and see how you run a give away yourself – after all you are an already accomplished Android and DotNet engineer.


      • You’re welcome. Don’t take my criticism to your heart. I am not saying that you should follow my footsteps and neither am I firing any personal comments at you. I am merely a student, you’re an accomplished software engineer, that too at Facebook. When I am able to help others, I would do so without any discrimination. It’s a good effort, I agree, but my point was/is that a lot of people would be left out if you have filters. That’s just my opinion, but then again I have zero experience of such a giveaway.

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