Hi. I am Zaki. This is my personal blog. All opinions are my own.

Who Am I

I am a student of life and an aspiring beacon of knowledge. I care about a life well lived, economy, utility, parenting, tinkering and building soft and hard wares, investment, personal finance, productivity, fitness, philosophy, morality, music, provocative art and beauty. I care about children education and women empowerment. I study my ‘self’, make goals for improvements, make plans to attain the goals and finally leave trails for others to follow, if they choose to. 

Why do I write

I write so that my daughters can have a peak inside my life once I am not around. I write so others who wonder about my thoughts, as so often I do about other people’s thoughts, can come and read here. 

What do I do for a living

I am a software engineer at Facebook. See my linkedin for career stuff, github page for other stuff. 

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